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Quest to Learn!

Introducing: Quest to Learn

Create, Connect, Play!

With Quest to Learn, students and teachers can add homework/test questions that feed directly into a library of fun games. Want to bring Roblox to your school while studying at the same time?  Now you can!

Quest to Learn!

Walk the plank!

Answer questions!

Answer Questions!

But beware!

But beware!


Quiz and homework data
Add your own, share with your class, or import


Connect your classroom
Build, share, and grade assignments


Study through play
Quest to Learn games use your actual test and homework


Study through play
Quest to Learn games use your actual test and homework

To K-12 and Beyond

What can you study?

Anything and everything.  No, really.
We give you the tools to create, import, and share any quiz set you want, when you want, where you want.  Play at school, on the ride home, or at the library.  Your curriculum is there for you.
So whether your student is a 4th grader, working to ace the ACT, or preparing for a professional exam…we have you covered.
Create and share quiz data, or import from your school
Customize your data feed for tests or final exams
Track your progress and improvement

Improve Educational Outcomes

Our Vision

What if we could make homework and studying fun, at a low cost, and in a way that scales? Would that change the world for the better?

We think so!

  • Increase study time, increase grades
  • Aid learning and reinforce teaching
  • Low cost per student

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